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Teaching Fish and Wildlife Conservation to Kids

Today, when we think of wildlife conservation we think of elephants and rhinos, gorillas, and tigers, but it all began with an American hunter called Aldo Leopold. Back then, people thought nature able to replenish its stock for eternity, but Leopold realized he was finding it harder and harder each season to find bears and mountain lions to hunt. On realizing this, he changed how he and others hunted and acted in New Mexico, allowing these predators to return, and saving the local ecosystem at the same time.

In the 21st century, we are more aware of conservation topics than any other generation, yet there is so much to be done. As part of this, it’s the duty of parents to teach their children how to both enjoy and preserve the natural environment around them. This means knowing the 4 key areas of conservation, which are:

  • Education and messaging

  • Habitat Protection

  • Wildlife Monitoring

  • Scientific Research

Many people across the world from documentary makers to activists, from NGOs to families, are making small differences whether it is protecting the big five in Africa to planting wildflowers for bees in America. Parents can learn more about how to educate their children by reading this teaching guide to wildlife and fish conservation.