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Wedding Season in India

It’s wedding season in India, and it’s impossible to avoid the ceremonial excitement. It’s an auspicious time of year, when the stars are aligned. Weddings are extremely important in India. Their presence is ubiquitous. The Engagement Ceremony is one in a series of festivities to formalize a union. This is when the couple formally announces that they are to be married. It is a jovial artifact from a time when boyfriend/girlfriend relationships were unheard of. At that time, after the engagement, it was acceptable to see the couple-to-be together. It is a sacred ceremony, reserved for family and close friends. We felt honored—and a bit surprised— that we were invited to attend. At the party, we were lead around the reception hall, being introduced to the fiancés and their families. We were given copious amounts of delicious foods. More than we could eat. So much food was offered, in fact, that the only way we could stop more from being put on our plates was by outstretching our hands, blocking access to them. “No, thank you” didn’t work. Everyone greeted us with smiles, and it seemed as though they were willing to do anything to make us feel more comfortable. We had an absolutely delightful time. All of us felt like we couldn’t provide enough thanks to justify their unyielding kindness.

Pedal on PBS

We are honored to begin the edit on our kayaking expedition from Alaska to Seattle. We are also proud of our first film: Pedal to the Midnight Sun. A portion of our freshman adventure film just aired nation wide on PBS through National Geographic’s Wild Chronicles! Visit Wild ChroniclesWatch on YouTube HD!

Coffee and Adventure

J.J. answers a question from the mailbag: how do you come up with the ideas for their adventures? Coffee for the Paddle to Seattle provided by Caffe Vita. Thanks Caffe Vita.