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Adventure Training Advice

“How do you train for a several week long adventure?”

The number one misconception about training for your trip, whether it’s a weeklong hiking trip or a Paddle to Seattle, is you need to be in great shape. True, it is important to be physically conditioned prior to your departure, but don’t overextend yourself with a strenuous training regimen. You will be more likely to sustain an injury on the trip; an injury could mean the end to your trip.

For a finite physical activity—like a race—it’s important to be in shape for the event. You want to start peeking just before the race. Peeking before a multiple week pursuit—your big adventure—will only lead to the body breaking down over the weeks.

When you are looking to hike/bike/paddle for a few weeks over a specific terrain, go into the activity well cross-trained. Nothing specific. Your body will acclimate to the strain and you will finish the endeavor well-chiseled and ready for more:)

Dudes on Media Launch Blog

Dudes on Media announce the launch of their adventure lifestyle films blog. The blog will act as a venue to host the increasing advanced media potential of the two adventure filmmakers, Josh Thomas and J.J. Kelley. Subscribe and bookmark the Dudes on Media blog to stay up to date on the adventurer’s people powered programs.