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Brutal weather made the July 4 departure imposable. We are quickly finding that the first stretch of our trip will include some extremely strong winds! Marine Forecast for Skagway, AK—our departure city: small craft advisory, south wind 35 knots, seas 6 feet.


A special thanks to the following private sponsors who have supported our mission: to produce media that inspires adventure in the out-of-doors.

Rebecca Beamer, Jeremy Zipple, Kerry Hadiaris, Eleanor Grant, Juliana Bertelsen, Christina Geissler, Erik Peterson, James Seale, Chelsea Guzowski, Ann Whitmore-Painter, Jean Spurgeon, Thomas Rieck, Elizabeth Gabor, Stephanie Stockham-Ronollo, Janet Halvorson

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We are extremely excited to announce that our wooden kayaks will be capturing passive solar energy. Not only does mounting solar panels to our kayaks lessen our reliance on fossil fuels, it also acts as an alternative method to recharge our electronics anywhere on the planet. Brunton’s Portable Solar Units are leading the way in forward adventure thinking solutions. Thank you Brunton!
Brunton Solar


Charlie ParrThe first production from Dudes on Media featured the exclusive sounds of Charlie Parr. Charlie provided “Pedal to the Midnight Sun,” with a driving sound throughout. The determined music vibrating through his National resonator guitar mirrored the ongoing struggle that Josh and J.J. undertook as they powered to the Arctic Ocean. Charlie’s organic soundtrack—beyond measures—complemented the still beauty of the Alaskan landscape.

We are extremely honored to announce that Charlie will be with us again! “Paddle to Seattle,” will feature a select track from his lyrically acclaimed fourth album, Rooster. From adventures around world to sounds heard on National Public Radio…find your Charlie Parr.

Profile: Josh the Builder

One year ago Josh Thomas was offered an opportunity to travel to the bottom of the earth. At the South Pole Station, he would work as a carpenter in the most brutally cold climate on the planet. Who knew that the skills that he would develop in the Antarctic would come into direct benefit near the far reaches of the Arctic.

When J.J. asked Josh how he felt about assembling two wooden kayaks donated from Pygmy Boats, he met the challenge with a bit of trepidation. Though Josh had worked as a carpenter just months prior, he had never attempted to build a boat…let alone two boats. He would be attempting to construct the boats from scratch to seaworthy in just two months.

Undertaking a tremendous challenge with little specific background has never stopped Josh in the past. Like when he departed on a 5-month trek across the Appalachian Mountains without ever having hiked more than two days in a row, or a 1,200-mile bike trip to the Arctic Ocean with zero touring experience—or create a documentary film for that matter as was the case in Pedal to the Midnight Sun.

Josh will continue to work on the kayaks until the team departs. On July 5, he and teammate J.J Kelley will set out to film a people powered documentary about life on the continent’s only rainforest: the stunning Inside Passage.

Where Will You Sleep?

The Inside Passage is most challenging and scenic kayaking route in North America, but it is also home to the North America’s only rainforest. Excessive rain and highly sensitive camera equipment equal problems. Marmot has been with us since our first adventure. They have tents and equipment for the weekend trip or an expedition across the unknown. They are tough, reliable, and our favorite choice in tents.


Smith Optics and Adventure

In our first film, Pedal to the Midnight Sun, Josh and I were proud to wear Smith Optics on our adventure to the arctic. They provided exceptional quality and unmatched style. We are honored to have the opportunity to represent Smith Optics in the our upcomming film the Paddle to Seattle.

Smith Optics

Ames Adventure Outfitters

Adventure is their passion, and making sure adventurers—no matter their pursuit—have the best gear is what they do. Ames Adventure Outfitters supported our first film, and they are onboard for another adventure.Ames Adventure Outfitters

Environmentally Friendly, Adventurous and Reusable

Sigg bottles are just like us—well almost. Plastic is becoming a huge problem. Last year alone, Americans tossed over 22 billion empty bottles in the trash! This leads to enormous spinning gyres of floating plastic in the Pacific, polluting by the square mile. The same plastic bottles also leach the nasty chemical BPA or bisphenol A. When you drink bottled water you ingest BPA; which raises the risk of certain cancers and hampers fertility.

Josh and I take enough battering on our adventures, we don’t want to add cancer and loss of fertility into the risk management pile. Sigg bottles are reusable and don’t leach BPA. We are proud to take Sigg along on our adventure.