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Go Ganges! Television producers and adventure travelers JJ Kelley and Josh Thomas test their limits on an adventure down India’s sacred river, the Ganges.  Together, they journey from the source glacier of the river in the Himalayas to the Bay of Bengal, where it empties into the Indian Ocean.  They do it rather unconventionally–traveling on foot, cycle-rickshaw, rowboat, and just about anything else that moves.  They turn their adventure into a documentary called Go Ganges!, which is showing on Saturday morning at the Wild & Scenic Film Festival in Nevada City.  JJ joins us by phone to give us a preview of his adventure.

Happy Holidays!!!

We’re extremely grateful for another year of adventure filmmaking. It’s been our most sincere hope to tell stories of exploration in a fun and meaningful way. By going outside our comfort zone, we have found the most amazing people, places and ways of life. Next year we’re partnering up with likeminded adventurers to offer a greater library of films. Stay tuned…

Go Ganges — Winner at the Big Water Film Festival

Remote Q.A. with JJ at the Big Water Film Festival

Remote Q.A. with JJ at the Big Water Film Festival

GO GANGES won the Audience Favorite award at the Big Water Film Festival this weekend!

“Congratulations for making such an incredible film.  It was highly entertaining and so well done.  We all loved it and we laughed and gasped throughout the whole film.” – Big Water Film Festival

Soon we’ll be at festivals in California, Arizona, Alaska, Wisconsin, and Iowa. Check our homepage to find a screening near you, and come on out to see us won’t you.

National Geographic Weekend

J.J. Kelley & Josh Thomas join host Boyd Matson on the National Geographic Weekend radio program as they travel down the length of he Ganges river by rickshaw, rowboat and any other means necessary.

Coming Soon!

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve completed the edit for our newest film, Go Ganges! Two years ago we created our second adventure documentary Paddle to Seattle; the film was nominated for an Emmy and about 20 festival awards. Now we’ve got another doc in the can that we feel shows equal promise.

We’re just beginning to submit to festivals across the country. DVDs will be available on this site in a few weeks. But if you can, come on out for a screening; we’d love to see you there! We also challenge you to take a hands on approach to getting Go Ganges! to the masses, drop us a line and suggest a venue near you.

Go Ganges! follows an adventure by any means possible down the length of the Ganges River from its source high in the Himalayas to the Bay of Bengal where it empties into the Indian Ocean. A cultural expedition: two seasoned adventurers take the cumulative skills learned over years of Alaska wilderness travel and apply it to a dramatically different natural wonder: the River Ganges, population 400 million. Living and traveling like the locals, they experience this river like it’s never been done before. It’s a very telling and honest story of an unparalleled river, but we make a point never to judge the conditions there, we just present it as we see it.