About Us

Josh and J.J. have a special passion for the outdoors and people. Over the course of their 10-year friendship they developed an incomparable style of filmmaking. Together the founded Dudes on Media, an Emmy nominated adventure media company providing online content. Using unique journeys around the world as a way to gain access to greater global events and news.

In 2006, they created their first film, Pedal to the Midnight Sun where they document their 1,200-mile bicycle journey across Alaska to the Arctic Ocean. National Geographic Television would go on to air a portion of the film, firmly establishing the friends as a force in the filmmaking world. In 2008, they combined efforts again to undertake the hearty task of sea kayaking from Alaska to Seattle. Paddle to Seattle shows a style that is full grown and defined. Paddler Magazine called it “the best sea kayaking feature film created in the past decade.” It received top accolades at 15 major film festivals and has aired on PBS affiliates, Outside TV, and NBC’s Universal Sports.

In 2011 the fellows set out for their most ambitious and unique project to date, Go Ganges!. Over the course of 3 months Josh and J.J. followed the length of the Ganges River in India. From its glacial source high in the Himalayas 1,500 miles to the Bay of Bengal. The river is the most polluted, populated and sacred river in the world and by geographical barriers could not be travelled in any one way. Using only what they could find accessible they made their way down by foot, cycle-rickshaw, rowboat and scooter. As a result, they experience a river and a culture like its never been done before.

As filmmakers they have become renowned for their honest and witty observation. Their rapport with one another has a seamless rhythm that could only have been developed through years of suffering together in the wild.

Their professional careers have grown alongside their independent projects. J.J. is a producer at National Geographic Television and has been with the company since 2006. Josh produces documentary television in Alaska; his work has appeared on National Geographic, Discovery and the BBC. When they’re not together in a tent, Josh lives in Seward, AK and J.J. is in Brooklyn, NY.

J.J. Kelley

Filmmaker & Adventurer

Josh Thomas

Filmmaker & Adventurer

Ben Gottfried

Producer & Editor

Dave Costello

Director & Writer

Ronald Farber

Web & Animation