Dudes on Media and Beatles End Cold War: iTunes Big Winner

“Paddle to Seattle” is available for HD download on iTunes in time for the Christmas season.

Disputes have ended between longstanding iTunes holdouts, Dudes on Media and the Beatles. As you probably know, the parties had been locked in a deep-rooted cold war, each party refusing to make their work available on iTunes.

Media conglomerate Apple, who owns the digital download site, had been pushing both sides for a deal, stating, “The absence of works like “The White Album” and “Paddle to Seattle” represent a major blemish in our archives.”

The disagreement started several years ago. Reportedly Ringo Starr and Josh Thomas were seen having an altercation outside a Santa Barbra smoothie shop. No one was seriously injured as a result of the fight although Mr. Starr was taken to Cottage Hospital for x-rays, which came back negative.

“You’ll always regret this Starr.” Thomas was heard shouting as police took him into custody for questioning. Charges were never filed, but lawyers from the two parties could not reach a resolution on the iTunes holdout.

Earlier this month the Beatles were the first to fold making available their vast library on iTunes. The announcement came after mounting pressure from holiday shoppers.

Dudes on Media producer J.J. Kelley was encouraged by the news and promptly tweeted, “It’s time to end this.” Reached by phone from his hotel in Kolkata Kelley told the AP, “It just felt like the right thing to do.”

Now—for the first time—Paddle to Seattle is available for HD download on iTunes. In a statement released from Dudes on Media they said they’d like to thank their supporters and anyone who buys the film, and yes you’re welcome Steve Jobs.

Click here to download Paddle to Seattle on iTunes

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